Ukraine and Europe are in the middle of a war. Many people have lost their loved ones, their safety, their home and everything they own. We all sympathize with Ukraine. With family in both Ukraine and Russia, I have gained a close and personal insight into the painful and in comprehensive situation. As a contribution to Ukraine I, Darja Barannik, and Gry Berg, have started the knitting project Shapka – which means beanie in Ukrainian. We sell knitting kits with yarn and a knitting pattern in both Norwegian and English. We also sell beanies, which are knitted by volunteers.

All the profits go directly to the Ukrainian war refugees.

Shapka supports Caritas Norway in their work with Ukrainian children and adolescents that have fled to Norway. Our funds contribute to create activities, excitement and some bright spots in a difficult and vulnerable time in a new country.

Shapka as is a charitable, non-profit organization, run on purely voluntary basis and all profits go to help refugees from Ukraine. Some irregularities in regrads to finished knitted products and deliveries may be expected.